General Warm up:

10 min circuit –
30 hi knees
30 butt kicks
30 lateral shuffle steps
30 bear crawl steps
20 total mountain climbers
10 per direction arm circles
5 squat to stand
2x 4-way lunge
1 per leg world’s greatest stretch



A. 4 sets:
– 5 front squats @ 85% of 3RM
– 1.1.1. HSPU negative (3 sec descent). Come off the wall after each repetition.
:60-:90 sec rest btw sets.

B. Every 2 min for as long as can (16 min CAP):
– 10 Dual DB box step-overs @ 50s/35s; 35s/25s +
3 HSPU (wall, box, z-press, push-up)

*Add 3 HSPU every round
until you cannot complete the
required reps. Rest in time
remaining of the 2 min after
you complete all the reps. Choose
a load that allows for all 10 step-overs
to be done unbroken