General Warm up:

2x thru the following –
10 PVC OH pass thru –> Rd 2: 5/side leg swings
5/side around the bodies with PVC –> Rd 2: 5/side PVC samson stretch
5/arm 1-arm DB strict hi pull
10 dumbbell swings to eye level (hold one hex with both hands)
10 no push-up burpees

Burgener warm up (1x thru for 5 reps each movement with PVC):
– Down and finish
– Down and finish + elbows high and to the outside (hi pull)
– Muscle Snatch
– Power snatch



A. 4 sets or 12 min (whichever comes first):
– 2 snatch hi pull + 1 power snatch.
– 2-3 reps of MU (bar, ring) turnover drill OR
strict pull-up up + kip down
– :60-:90 sec rest btw sets.

No touch and go. Small builds btw sets. Goal is mechanics not load.

B. EMOTM 20 min:
THIS: 1 power snatch* @ 95/63; 75/55 (challenge: 115/73. Choose wisely)
THAT: 5 burpee pull-ups or 3 burpee ring/bar MU

*add 1 rep to the power snatch each round. Reps of
burpee pull-up or ring/bar MU DO NOT change.