When we first opened our doors, both Meghan and I couldn’t imagine that we’d need more floor space than that offered by our current location. Less than three years later, we’re bursting at the seams. It’s been an exciting ride – one that’s allowed us to begin to seriously explore our options for a bigger, better space that will better allow us to serve you all with the World Class experience you’ve come to expect from us.

Over the course of the past few months, we’ve received a ton of great feedback from you – our community members – on numerous ways we can better fulfill our mission, improve your experience, and continue to grow our community with a new space.  These insights have been invaluable, and have played an important role in our evalulation of different expansion options.  Thanks for your candor and support, and please keep the feedback coming.  These suggestions prompted us to share with you both some of the criteria we’ve used when evaluating different expansion options, and things we’re committed to providing you – our community members – with in a new space. Regardless of where we are, and what we’re doing, you can count on the following elements:

1.)  Location. We recognize that many of you were first introduced to our community because of our proximity to your home, place of employment, or because of the relative speed at which you all can access our facility. We’re proud to announce that all of the avenues we’re currently exploring would preserve these benefits. If we move, it will be to a location that’s both very close to our current location, and that has less traffic congestion.

2.)  Timing. Because there are still several moving pieces and parts to this equation, we’re reluctant to say exactly when we’ll begin to benefit from either an expansion or move. We can say that many of the options we’re exploring could be exercised within the next 6 months…and we wouldn’t use such terms if they weren’t a realistic possibility. While it’s advantageous to us to be able to secure new equipment at the same time we make these changes, we’re also prepared to make a commitment to a host of new equipment within the next few months shoud such estimates prove overly optimistic.

3.)  Mission and Goals. Regardless of the size of our space, rest assured that we’ll remain committed to the following aspects of our program:

  1. Programming options:  One of the things that’s unique about CrossFit TT is that we offer several different program tracks for community members to follow. This allows individuals to better customize their experience for their specific goals: Again, our mission is to help individuals realize ANY of their performance, fitness and/or wellness goals – not just those related to the sport of CrossFit. Any space that we use must enhance these aims.
  2. Instructor-to-client Ratios: Regardless of how much floor space we have, we’ll neither compromise our instructor-to-client ratios, nor run class sizes that carry appreciably beyond our current limits;
  3. Maintaining the intimate ‘feel’ of our community. Just as Cheers was the place “where everybody knows your name”, so should our community be the place where everyone knows you (or at least recognizes you), and is invested in helping you achieve your fitness goals. We like the fact that we know everyone who walks through our doors; we want to keep it that way.

Thanks again for your feedback, candor, and support, and feel free to contact us with any additional questions, comments, and/or concerns.

-Tyler, Meghan, and the CrossFit TT Coaching Staff.