The first phase of programming following our Annual Main Event has wrapped up and with it has come a whole bunch of personal records from members in our community. It was incredible to see the amount of effort that went into the workouts through the month and April and May and the results speak for themselves. Here is a breakdown of the PR’s set:


Overhead Squat: 8 PR’s

Push Press: 9 PRs

Back Squat: 32 PRs

Bench Press: 22 PR’s

Clean (or Clean variation): 8 PRs

Snatch: 12 PRs

Split Jerk: 5 PRs

Clean and Jerk: 1 PR

Deadlift: 3 PRs

500m Row: 6 PRs

Gymnastics (Rope Climbs, Pullups, HSPUs…): 9 PRs


There were too many personal records too list so below are images of the PR board from April and from May. Congratulations to everybody who set a personal record!