Workout #1: “Dammed if you do…Dammed if you don’t.”

This workout is divided into two parts. Part A (“Dammed if you do…”) is performed by one partner; Part B (“…Dammed if you don’t) is performed by the other.

PART A: “Dammed if you do…”

Partner A: For time, accumulate 80/65 (70/55 for the NQFT division) calories on the Xebex AirBike. Time-Cap: 6:00.

There’s just one catch…

Every :90, the athlete must dismount their bike, and perform 8 Overhead Squats (prescribed weights below). After completing each set of 8 squats, the athlete may remount their bike, and continue accumulating calories until :90 has elapsed, at which point, they’ll be required to dismount, and perform another set of 8 squats…This pattern of work continues until Partner A accumulates their prescribed number of calories, or until they hit the 6:00 time-cap.

After Partner A has completed their prescribed number of calories, they must dismount their bike, and tag their partner. Times will be recorded when the second partner is tagged – not before. In the event Partner A cannot make the time cap, they must still dismount their bike, and tag their partner, who may then begin their body of work.

PART B: “…Dammed if you don’t.”

Partner B: At the 6:00 mark (NO EARLIER), Partner B may start Part B. For time: 50 Thrusters (see prescribed weights below). Time-cap: 6:00.

Again, there’s a catch: every :60, Partner B must perform 5 Burpee Box-Jumps (see prescribed heights below).


Prescriptions for genders and divisions are as follows:




65 70



115 lb.

73 lb. 75 lb.

53 lb.


115 lb.

73 lb. 75 lb.

53 lb.



20″ 20″





The team with the lowest combined times of Part A and Part B will win this event. In the event that an athlete hits a time cap, their time will be 6:00, plus one second for each rep remaining (Thrusters), or each calorie remaining (Xebex AirBike). Calories will be rounded DOWN to the nearest whole number. In instances where a time-cap is reached in Part A, the athletes’ calories will be recorded exactly at the 6:00 mark.

SCORING EXAMPLE #1: Jack from Team Totally Awesome completes Part A in 5:00. It takes him :03 seconds to get off of the bike and tag his Partner. Jack’s time: 5:03. At the 6:00 Mark, Jack’s partner Joe begins Part B of the Workout. Joe’s time is 4:50. Team Totally Awesome’s time for this event: 5:03 + 4:50 = 9:53.

SCORING EXAMPLE #2: Jimbo from Team Dislikes Cardio is 8 calories shy of his prescribed number at 6:00. His score is 6:08. At 6:00, he dismounts his bike, and stumbles over to his partner Joebob. Important note: Joebob may not start working until he has been tagged. Once tagged, Joebob may begin part B. Joebob also does not complete the work in the time-cap; at the 12:00 mark, he has 12 thrusters remaining. Joebobs time is 6:12. Team Dislikes Cardio’s score: 6:08 + 6:12 = 12:20.


  • In Part A, If the athlete finishes under the time cap, the clock will NOT stop when the athlete hits their prescribed number of calories. Rather, the clock will stop when partner A tags their teammate. If the Athlete hits the time cap, the clock will stop at 6:00, and the remaining calories will be added to that cap.
  • Athletes performing Part B may start when:
    • If their partner finished Part A UNDER the time cap: They start at the 6:00 Mark.
    • If their partner did not finish Part A under the time cap: They start when their partner dismounts the bike, and tags their hand.


The movement standards video will be released by EOD 11/18/16. PLEASE BE SURE TO COME BACK TO REVIEW THE MOVEMENT STANDARDS VIDEO!!!!