It’s hard to believe, but we’re already over HALFWAY through the 2017 Main Event. With this evening’s Workout Release, we’ll be beginning our 3rd of 5 workouts (is that really possible?!?). In advance of tomorrow’s workout release party, I thought it might be prudent to share some observations of the event thus far with everyone. Here goes.

On Paper, we’ve had some INCREDIBLE performances. A few members of our community are participating in both the Main Event and the CrossFit Open – a competition similar to the Main Event…only on a Global scale, and that acts as the preliminary qualifier for the CrossFit Games. During this time of year, those of us who are fans of the Sport of CrossFit typically tend to follow the exploits of our favorite professional competitors, partly because their accomplishments seem superhuman…and partly because Chittenden County seems to produce quite of few of the Sport’s elite athletes…like…say…the 2016 CrossFit Games Champion Mat Fraser. This year has been different. In addition to following our local heroes…we’ve also needed to keep a close eye on a few of our own athletes who’ve been quietly vying not only for bragging rights within their respective divisions on the CrossFit Open Leaderboard, but also – in some cases – an invitation to the next round of Competition…and quite possibly a trip to the CrossFit Games. These include:

  • Pam “Action” Jackson: 31st in the World, Master’s Women 60+
  • Calle Lang: 88th in the World, Teen Girls 16-17;
  • Laura Lang: 27th in the NE Region, 2nd in the State of Vermont, Masters Women 45-49;
  • Marcia Bristow: 319th in the World, Master’s Women 55+
  • Meghan Barnes: 67th in the Region, Master’s Women 35-39; 1st in the State of Vermont, Master’s Women 35-39…despite the fact that she’s WOD’ing for two;
  • Denise Farmer: 2nd in the State of Vermont, Master’s Women 35-39


Off-Paper, we’ve had some INCREDIBLE performances. One of the things we love about the Main Event is that it cultivates an environment that inspires so many of you – our community members – to do things you otherwise wouldn’t have tried, or – in some cases – even thought possible. This year has proven to be no exception to this rule. Last week alone, we saw:

  • Matt Bunting (Swole-Patrol), Eric Tucker (Muscle-in-Motion), and Jaime Denis (Death-by-Dumbells) get their first bar Muscle-ups;
  • Ashley Mitson (Wizards of WODs) get not only her FIRST Chin-over-bar pull-up…but her first 42 Chin-Over-Bar Pull-Ups;
  • Daniel Ramos (Purple Protien Eaters) Rx his first two Competition Workouts;
  • Chris Groen (Wizards of WODs), Jackie Horton (Wizards of WODs) and Dave Gurtman (Purple Protien Eaters) take time out of their vacation schedules to participate in Competition Challenges…and even to visit an International Box to submit a Workout Score.


We’re having just as much fun this year as we did last year. Performances and breakthroughs aside, we’re seeing that our community is just as much fun this year as it was last year. Much as we – your Coaches – enjoy the moments that the Main Event’s workouts and challenges create, the ones that occur organically by you – the athletes – throughout these 5 weeks are always the most memorable. Some of my personal favorites thus far include:

  • Watching Bubba (Muscles in Motion) and Colin Butler (Death by Dumbells) duke it out each week for bragging rights;
  • Experiencing Kelly Dousevicz and Audrie Poole (Muscle in Motion) try their hand at Robotron 2084 for the first time (“Oh my gosh! People actually do that for FUN?!? That’s so STRESSFUL!!! I’m sweating!!!”);
  • The look of accomplishment and pride Lindsay Gagnon (Purple Protein Eaters) wore on her face as she completed her first workout;
  • Seeing the evolution of long-time community members Andrea Johnson and Megan Kirby’s (Wizard of WODs) approach to Competition;
  • Watching Todd Bailey (Swole Patrol) try his dammedest to turn one of our Assault Bikes into a twisted heap of metal during his Max-Calorie-in-1:00 Challenge Attempt;
  • Listening to everyone in attendance ridicule the pretentious, obnoxious mannerisms of the equally pretentious, obnoxious Director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro during each Thursday’s Main Event Workout Release Party (thank you Kris Nelson and Citizen Cider);
  • Hearing Jarret Dubois – arguably the most forgiving, magnanimous, team-player on the planet – actually voice some criticism of Mr. Castro, and his workout selection (“More Dumbbells?”)

We may not know what tomorrow’s workout brings. That said, we’re 100% certain of 2 things: that the incredible performances will continue over the course of the next two-and-a-half weeks…and that the fun is just beginning.

See you all tonight,