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Threshold Throwdown WOD*: “Let’s Get It Up.”

Presented by Concept2.

“Let’s Get it Up.”

Partners work together to complete the following body of work as quickly as possible.


  • 60 Chin-over-bar pull-up buy-in;
  • 500m Row;
  • 60 Double Unders;
  • 20 OHS (115/73);
  • 60 Wall-Balls (30/20);
  • 15 Wall Walk-Ups;
  • 60 Wall-Balls (30/20);
  • 20 OHS (115/73);
  • 60 DU;
  • 500m Row.


  • 500m Row;
  • 20 OHS (75/53) * adjusted 11/28
  • 60 Wall-Balls (20/14);
  • 15 Modified Wall Walk-Ups;
  • 60 Wall-Balls (20/14);
  • 20 OHS (75/53)
  • 500m Row.
  • 30 Chin-over-bar pull-ups

A 15 minute time-cap will be observed in all divisions. Athletes may divide the work however they so choose between each partner. Each Team must perform the work in order and repetition schemes presented above, and may not work out of order.


Athletes is each division must perform the exercises in according to the following prescriptions (Male Weight / Female Weight):

OHS Wall-Ball Wall WU
NQFT: 95/63 20/14 *See Notes
OPEN: 115/73 30/20 *See Notes

Wall Walk-Ups for the Open Division: to complete a Wall Walk-Up for the Open Division, an athlete must demonstrate control at lockout (arms, elbows at full extension, humerus roughly in-line with spine), while their nose or forehead is in contact with the wall, and must come down in a controlled fashion. The movement standards video will have more details.

Wall Walk-Ups for the NQFT division: to complete a Wall Walk-Up in the NQFT Division, athletes need not meet the standard of the Open division. Rather, they need only “walk” their hands over a line established a set distance away from the wall. The movement standards video will have more details.


The Team with the fastest time in each division will win “Let’s Get it Up”. Teams that hit the time cap prior to completing the workout will be scored based on the number of repetitions performed up to the 15:00 Mark. Tiebreaks will be awarded as follows:

OPEN DIVISION: Time at which the team completes their pull-up buy-in;

NQFT DIVISION: Time at which the team completes all the work prior to their 30 pull-ups.

SCORING EXAMPLE #1: Team Goondocks is competing in the OPEN division. Each Team Member takes turns completing pull-ups; Team Goondocks may not perform pull-ups at the same time. Additionally, neither athlete can work on any other movements until the pull-ups are complete. Upon completing the pull-ups, Team Goondocks Team Members take turns working through each respective exercise, alternating movements as they see fit. They successfully complete the work prescirbed in 14:37; this is their score for the workout.

SCORING EXAMPLE #2: Team Fratelli is competing in the OPEN division. Because Team Fratelli is looking for an unfair advantage, Francis from team Fratelli attempts to start rowing when his partner is on their 57th pull-up. Any meters accumulated by Team Fratelli during this effort will not be counted towards their total score; both team members have to wait until the Judge resets their Rower’s monitor. At the 15:00 Mark, Team Fratelli has completed 47 Double Unders from the second round of Double Unders. They will be scored belowall teams within their division who finished within the 15:00 time cap, and aboveall the teams in their division who had fewer total repetitions than those they received.


  • None of note at this time. Check the Facebook event page for updates / answers to questions.



As an added bonus…we will not be disclosing the order in which athletes will be required to complete the workouts until the Week prior to the competition.