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WOD #TBD: “Evil Walks”

Presented by DB Gear.

This workout is a 3-Part Workout.

PART #1: In 6:00, Establish a 4RM Back Squat & Front Squat.

In Part #1 (0:00 – 6:00), Partner A and Partner B will have 6:00 to establish a 4RM Front Squat and a 4RM Back Squat. Partners will share one barbell and one squat rack. Partners must decide which movement they would like to perform in advance the start of the workout. One the workout commences, they must perform that movement, and may not perform the alternate movement for their partner. At the commencement of the workout, Partners will have 6:00 to establish a 4RM for their respective movement. Partners may lift in any order they so choose, provided they abide by the following rule: the load of the barbell may not decrease at any time during the 6:00 workout. EXAMPLE: Athlete A Back Squats 280 lbs. Their Partner MAY NOT decrease the load on the barbell to perform their front squats; in order for the attempt to count, they must lift at the same weight or greater as the lift attempted prior (OF NOTE: Plates may be substituted to allow for additional room on the barbell, however the total load may not be changed).

Part #2: 1 Minute Rest.

During this time (6:00 – 7:00), athletes must strip their barbells, and re-arrange their plates in the exact same fashion as they received them at the commencement of the workout. Teams MAY NOT start Part #3 of the Workout until this task has been performed. Once this condition has been satisfied, the team’s judge will turn-on the monitor for Part #3 of the workout.

Part #3: Max-Calorie Airbike in 2:00.

In Part #3 (7:00-9:00), athletes will have exactly 2:00 to accumulate as many calories on the Xebex Airbike as possible. Athletes may switch out as many times as they like during the two minute period; at the 9:00 mark, the calories on the screen will be rounded DOWN to the nearest whole number, and recorded by each Team’s judge.


There are no prescriptions for this workout. Athletes in all divisions may select their own working weights. Male teams will be provided a 20k/45 lb barbell; Female teams will be provided a 15k/33 lb barbell. All teams from all divisions will work from a rack that can be set at the height desired by the athletes on each team. If a barbell is dropped at any point, the 4-rep attempt will not count; athletes must re-rack the barbell in order to continue working. OF NOTE: athletes may de-load the barbell for the purposes of picking it up off of the ground and re-racking, however the barbell weight of the failed attempt must be re-loaded back on the barbell before either athlete can resume working.


Evil Walks will be scored as two separate workouts. The Team that accumulates the MOST COMBINED weight in each division will win Part A. The team that accumulates the MOST CALORIES within each division will win Part B. In the event that two teams are tied for the total weight lifted: Tiebreaks will be awarded to the team that accumulated the most calories during part B of the Workout. In the event that two teams are tied for the total calories accumulated, tiebreaks will be awarded to the team that lifted the most weight in Part A.

SCORING EXAMPLE #1: Team Ace Tomato decides that team member Emmet F. will perform Front Squats during this workout, while team member Austin M. will perform Back Squats. Team Ace Tomato decides that Emmet will lift first; he successfully completes his first set of 4 reps at 155 lbs. At this point, either Austin or Emmet may make an attempt with their respective movement, however the attempt must 155 lbs or greater. At the end of 6:00, Emmet has successfully performed a 4-rep set of Front Squats at 205, while Emmet has successfully performed a 4-rep set of Back Squats at 305. Team Ace Tomato’s score for Part A: 510 lbs. Team Ace Tomato diligently unloads their barbell, re-stacks the plates they were given, and proceed to the Airbike assigned to them for Part B. At the 7:00 Mark, Emmet and Austin accumulate 46.9 Calories. Team Ace Tomato’s score for Part B: 46 calories. Upon review, Team Ace Tomato tied team Griswold with 46 calories. Because Team Ace Tomato lifted 20 lbs. more than Team Griswold during Part A, Team Ace Tomato wins the tie-break, and will be ranked ahead of Team Griswold for for Part B.


  • Athletes need not alternate between attempts. Athlete A may make as many attampts at their 4RM before Athlete B, and vice-versa. However the weight on the barbell may not decrease.
  • Athletes may de-load the barbell for the purposes of picking it up off of the ground after a failed attempt.



As an added bonus…we will not be disclosing the order in which athletes will be required to complete the workouts until the Week prior to the competition.