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Event 2: “Everybody Wants Some”

7 min AMRAP:

*Alternating DB Snatch

*Lateral Burpee over DB

*Cals on the Air Bike

Male (Open: 50lb; Rec: 35lbs)





…. Reps continue to increase by 3 in ladder format

Female (Open 35lbs; Scaled: 25lbs)






……Reps continue to increase by 2 in ladder format.

Athletes may partition repetitions however they see fit, but once they start a movement, they must finish it.


Athlete 1 could do 3 DB snatch, 3 Lateral Burpees & 3 cals and Athlete 2 can take over and do 6-6-6…

Athlete 1 – 3 DB snatch, Athlete 2- 3 lateral burpees, Athlete 1- 3 cals

Athlete 1- 3 DB snatch, 3 lateral burpees, Athlete 2- 3 cals

Options are endless, however, once an athlete starts the reps of a specific movement they must continue with that movement until reps are complete. No partitioning reps mid rep scheme.

*For the DB snatch, athletes must alternate hands. They may begin doing this at any point when the DB is below eye level. Both DB hexs need to touch the ground for the rep to be considered a full rep. DB must finish overhead with the elbow, knees, and hips extended before going into the next repetition. If the athlete receives a no rep on one side, they must repeat that side over again before switching hands. They MAY NOT switch sides to remedy for the received no rep.

*For the lateral burpee over the DB, no hip opening or clapping overhead is required during this movement. All athletes must perform a two footed jump OVER the DB.  Rx athletes must jump back and up with two feet while scaled has the option of stepping back with one foot.

*On the airbike, athlete must stay on the bike until the required number of calories is shown on the bike monitor. Thus, athlete may not get off the bike knowing that the calories will roll over to the required number in the time that they go to the next movement. The airbike will be reset each time to ensure all athlete’s begin at zero each time they get on the airbike to prevent unfair roll over.