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“Heavy Metal” Presented by:

18 min AMRAP: Score is total accumulated barbell reps combined.

Part 1 – 3 min. 0:00-3:00

Partner 1 – Calories on Rower. Rx: 40 (M)/ 35 (F)  Rec: 35 (M)/30 (F)

Partner 2 – Deadlift as many reps as possible in time remaining of the 3 min (Rx: 255 (M)/173 (F); Rec 185/123)

Part 2 – 3 min. 3:00-6:00

Partner 1 – Calories on Rower. Rx: 40 (M)/ 35 (F)  NQFT: 35 (M)/30 (F)

Partner 2 – Clean as many reps as possible in the time remaining of the 3 min (Rx: 185/123; Rec. 135/95)

Part 3 – 3 min 6:00-9:00

Partner 1 – Calories on Rower. Rx: 40 (M)/ 35 (F)  NQFT: 35 (M)/30 (F)

Partner 2 – S2OH as many reps as possible in the time remaining of the 3 min (Rx: 135/93; Scaled: 95/63)

The same partner rows throughout the 9 minutes just as the same partner whose on the barbell stays on the barbell for all 3 movements until the 9 min mark. At the 9 minute mark, athletes will switch – partner 2 becomes the rower and partner 1 becomes the lifter. Same sequence for the next 9 min. 9:00-12:00 Row/DL, 12:00-15:00 Row/Clean, 15:00-18:00 Row/ S2OH.


Prescribed Weights:

Division Calories Deadlift Clean S2OH
Male Open 40 255lbs 185lbs 135lbs
Female Open 35 173 123 93
Male Rec 35 185 135 95
Female Rec 30 123 93 63


Athletes must load and change out there weights in preparation for the next movement (i.e. change weight from DL to clean). You’re responsible for checking with your judge that you have the correct weight.

For deadlifts, athlete must bring their shoulders behind the bar at the top of the movement. No egregious bouncing of the bar off the floor is allowed.

Any style of clean is acceptable (squat or power), but athlete must clearly show their elbows coming in front of the bar during their finish position and must stand tall with full hip and knee extension before going into the next rep.

Any style of S2OH (strict press, push press, push jerk, split jerk) is acceptable so long as the athlete clearly demonstrates an extended elbow position with the bar overhead and full extension at the hip and the knee before bringing the bar back down for the next repetition.