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“Holding out for a Hero” Presented by:




For Time:  (10 min time cap- tie break is time when team starts pull ups.)

40 Front Rack forward Alternating Lunges (Rx: 115/73; Scaled 75/53)

80 Wall Balls (Rx: 20/14 to a 10/9’ target; Scaled: 16/12 to a 10/9’ target). 1 Athlete must hold bar in front rack (no genie style holds)

80 American KBS (Rx: 24/16; Scaled: 20/12). 1 Athlete must hold wall ball in bear hug position.

40 C2B pull ups (Scaled: Chin over Bar pull ups). 1 Athlete must hold KB overhead.

Lunges: athletes trail leg must touch the floor to signify they’ve reach full depth then must come to a standing position with both feet touching the ground and hips and knees at full extension. Lunges must alternate.

Wall Balls: athletes must bring their hip crease below parallel and hit the wall ball target for each full repetition.

American KBS: Athletes must clearly show that the bell passes into an overhead position where the bottom of the KB is clearly upside down before going into the next repetition.

Pull ups: Any style of pull up is acceptable (strict, kipping, butterfly). Rx athletes must clearly demonstrate that their chest touches the pull up bar during their repetitions. They must also achieve full elbow extension at the bottom of the repetition. Scaled athletes must clearly show their chin is over the bar at the top of the rep and their elbows clearly extend at the bottom of the repetition.

At the call of 3,2,1…GO any athlete may pick up the bar to begin lunging. The other partner may rest until they need to switch. When you need to switch, the bar CANNOT touch the ground. Once the athletes are finished 40 lunges, athletes are able to move onto the wall balls. However, the bar CANNOT touch the ground during the wall balls at any time. Once the wall balls are finished, the bar may come to the ground. **If the bar comes out of rack position and drops to the ground during wall balls, partners must perform 1 synchro burpee immediately.  If the bar comes out of rack position but does not touch the floor there is no penalty- however the wall ball reps do not count.

During the KBS, one athlete needs to hold the wall ball in the bear hug position. The ball may not touch the shoulders at any time and the athlete may not cradle the ball at their waist or hold at or on hip. The ball must remain held in bear hug and off the floor during all of the KBS reps. **If the ball drops to the floor during KBS, partners must perform 1 synchro burpee.  If ball comes out of bear hug position but does not touch the ground there is no penalty but the KBS reps do not count.

During the pull ups, one athlete must hold the KB above the head on one side of their body. Athlete’s may not switch hands in the air. KB must be held overhead throughout the entirety of the pull up repetitions.   If KB drops to floor during pull-ups partners will perform 1 synchro burpee.  If a partner comes off the pull-up bar to rest, the KB may come below the head until the partner doing pull ups is ready to go again or if partners are switching roles.