Coming Soon-Mobility and Recovery through Breathing Workshop

Breathing is one of the most fundamental functions and movements our body does throughout the day. In fact, we breathe approximately 23,000 in any given day. That’s a lot of reps! Of course breathing is important to survival, but what if you were in a position that made it difficult to breathe a big full deep breath? Overhead Squat or handstand anybody? Do you think your body would stay there or would it have to adjust to get as much air in as possible? What if our mobility could change by going through a few breathing drills because our body relaxes its tone and the rib cage re-orients its position? These are the just some of the topics this workshop aims to discuss and demonstrate for you. The overarching goal is to help you learn more about how breathing can affect movement and position through verbal and kinesthetic methods. Bring your workout gear…it could get sweaty!