“A. 27 minutes total on the clock for
the workout (includes the rest):
In teams of 2, with both partners
working at the SAME time and PARTITIONING
the reps however you would like, perform
the following for time:
– 3k/2.5k row (7.5k/7k bike)
– 150 wall balls (rx: 20/14; fx: 16/12)

5:00 self-timed rest

In the time remaining of the 27 min
perform an AMRAP of the following
alternating rounds between partners:
– 3 power clean (ch: 185/123;
rx: 155/103; fx: 115/73)
– 6 pull-ups (or 2 muscle ups.
You choose bar or ring)

Optional running prep:
TABATA alternating movements –
1. reverse plank marches
2. sprinter sit-ups: