A. “All dominances”
E :90 sec on the :90 sec for 6 sets (9 min):
3 deadlifts @ 70% of 8RM DL.

B. 3x 3 min AMRAP w/ 3 min RECOVERY bike/row between AMRAPs

(okay to spend 2.5 min on and

get off the rower/bike to go back to your station. If more people than bikes then stagger or

have 1/2 class start on their “recovery”):

– 12 total alt. unweighted lunges
– 8 Devil’s press (rx: 35/25; fx: 30/20)
– 6 T2B (K2E; ab-mat-sit ups)

Optional running prep:
4 sets:
– 8 per leg split stance
weighted calf raises (10-20 DB in each hand)
– 8 per leg single leg wall ball bridge marches
(lay supine with heels on a wall ball and hips elevated. Lift one heel off at a time alternating legs for 16 reps total)
– :30 sec rest