Recovery RouTTine

A. General Warm up:

2 sets –
200m Run
30 overhead plate marches
10 sumo stance weighted good mornings
5 commando push-ups
5 inchworms


B. 20 min AMRAP @ conversational pace:
– 5 sumo deadlifts @ 185/123; 155/103
– 10 box dips (aTT home: chair dips, bench dips, etc)
– 15 plate bent over rows
– :30 sec hollow rock hold with plate held up over chest
– 40m plate zercher carry (aTT home: use DB, weighted back pack, weighted duffle bag)

C. Bulletproofin:
TABATA x1.5 (6 min) –
0-2: banded strict chin-ups (aTT home: bent over supinated DB rows)
2-4: plate skull crushers (aTT home: DBs or cannedfood)
4-6: red-banded 90-90 face pulls (palms face you) (aTT home: prone Ws)

Stagger to start at different stations as needed if doing in-person class