Recovery RouTTine

A. General Warm up:
2 sets:
– 10 total overhead sampson stretch (Sampson stretch: lunge with an overhead reach. Use broom or PVC pipe)
– 5/direction around the bodies (use broom or PVC pipe)
– 5 cat/cow –> round 2: 5 per direction all-4 spine rotations (on all-4s rotate torso so you’re looking up at the ceiling)
then 3 sets:
– 6 barbell front squats –> round 3: 6 total front rack reverse lunges
– 5 barbell strict press –> round 3: 5 push-press
– 30 total skips in place


B. Complete for time @ a steady pace (31 min time CAP):
– 40 thrusters (aTT home: DB thruster or air thrusters)
– 400m run
– 40 total back rack weighted reverse lunges (DB alt. reverse lunges or unweighted reverse lunges)
– 40 box jumps (step-ups) (aTT home: use stairs, sturdy bench, sturdy chair, etc)
– 400m run
– 30 total front rack weighted forward lunges (DB alt. forward lunges or unweighted forward lunges)
– 30 box jump over (you MAY step-down over – would be beneficial to keep heart rate down and minimize Achilles stress)
– 400m run
– 20 overhead squat (aTT home: 1-arm OH lunge or 1-arm OHS)
– 20 lateral burpee box jump over (aTT home: box facing burpee, burpee over line depending on allotted space)
– 20 thrusters

Rx: 95/63; 75/55 or DB/KB if aTT home. If you have 2x DBs, perform thrusters and lunges with them, but not OHS.

C. Stretch:
2 rounds:
:30 sec/leg pigeon
:30 sec/leg quad stretch
:30 sec/leg calf stretch