Recovery RouTTine

A. General Warm up:

10 total alt. toy soldiers
10 total standing windmills
10 PVC or broom overhead pass thru + 5 per direction around the bodies
10 figure-4 stretch to partial squat
2 sets –
200m Run/row/500m bike
5 strict hi pulls
5 no-push-up burpees
5 weighted good-mornings


B. EMOTM for 10 min:
THIS: 2 deadlifts + 2 hang power clean + 2 push-jerks (aTT home: 6 KBS/DBS/back-pack swing + 3 per arm DB push jerk OR BW: 6 push-up to pike
THAT: 2 kips + 2 kipping T2B/K2E + 2 kips (aTT home: :20 sec per arm of a 1-arm plank hold)

Build each set to what feels like a moderate load.
End heavier than the load to be performed in part C.
Goal is PRACTICE, NOT speed or HEAVY load.

C1. EMOTM 15 min:
1. 1 round of “DT” (rx: 115/73; 95/63)
2. :30 sec of burpees
3. :30 sec of T2B/K2E

1 round of “DT” =
12 deadlifts + 9 hang power-cleans + 6 S2OH (shoulder to overhead = implies getting the bar from your shoulder to an overhead position however you wish. For example, strict press/push-press/push-jerk … your choice)

NOTE: The weights are not designed to be heavy
so that technical failure is NOT reached. Additionally,
notice its not MAX REP burpee or T2B, we don’t want max.
effort, we want you to accumulate reps at your own desire pace.
This is due TO THE HEAT AND because we don’t want to heart rate
to get overwhelmingly in the way of the barbell technique.