Recovery RouTTine

A. General Warm up:
– 5/leg iron cross stretch
– 5/leg scorpion stretch
– 5 cat/cow
– 5 squat to stand
– 5 min circuit:
30 single-unders (1 footed hop if possible)
8 plate counter balanced squats
4/leg single leg bridges


B. E2MO2M for 12 min: waveload backsquat
Build to a heavy set of 2
Begin a little heavier than
waveload 2 week’s prior

aTT home:

E2MO2M for 12 min:
– 8 cyclist squats @ 2111
+ 4/leg SL RDL (weighted or unweighted)

C1. 4 rounds of 1.5 AMRAP w/ 1 min rest bewteen sets:
– 7 KBS (aTT home: SDLHP [Sumo deadlift hi pull) (Rx: 24/16kg; 20/12kg)
– 42 DU (1:1 singles)

C2. 2:00 rest

C3. 4x 200m Run w/ :60 sec rest between sets (250m Row/500m Bike)

(in-person class athletes: when you come back into
the gym, come all the way in vs. stopping at the garage
door). Looking for small negative splits in interval times.