Recovery RouTTine

A. General Warm up:

3 sets:
– 20 arm circles per direction
– 10 total bent over rows or renegade rows
– 5 walkouts to mountain climber

aTT home:

Press warm up –

10 total plank rotations
10 wall angels (face away from wall)
10 aqua-mans (on your stomach)

In class:

Barbell Snatch review and warm-up

B. 5 sets w/ :60 sec rest between each set
(stagger start as needed to avoid
clustering on pull-up bars):
– 1 power snatch + 2 hang power snatch

(goal: positional consistency!)
– 4 pausing strict chin-ups
(pause :02 at the top of each rep)
(band-assist as needed)

Looking for consistency in technique
and movement for the power snatch

aTT home variation:
5 sets:
4/arm half-kneeling 1-arm DB strict press
8/arm bent over 1-arm DB bent over row
:60 sec rest

C. 8 down to 1 for time @ steady pace:
– Per leg Snatch-grip overhead barbell forward lunges @ 95/63; 75/53
– Per arm wall ball incline 1-arm DB bench press (Rx: 45/25; 35/20)
– Strict hanging knees to chest leg raises

aTT home variation:

10 down to 1 for time @ steady pace –
– per leg 1-arm DB OH lunge
– per arm 1-arm DB floor press or bench press
– v-ups/tuck-ups/ab-mat sit ups