Recovery RouTTine

A. General Warm up:

– 10 total standing windmills
– 10 iron cross stretch
– 5 inch worms with a mountain climber
then 2 sets:
– :30 sec of plate/DB/book taps AFAP
– 10 total skater jumps
– 10 plate ground to overhead (KBS or DBS also works)
– 10 hollow rocks


B. EMOTM 10 min:
1. :20 sec handstand hold into :03 eccentric lower (may perform
on wall or piked on a box; scale to z-press hold with lower)
2. 2 kips + 2 kipping T2B + 2 kips

aTT home:
EMOTM 10 min:
1. 2/arm half-kneeling DB strict press @ 3113 (3 sec descent, 1 sec hold, 1 sec ascent, 3 sec hold at top of movement.
If able, perform a z-press)
2. :15 sec hands overhead plank hold + :15 sec hollow rock hold

C. 6 min to practice 3 sets of 2 hang power
clean and jerk (aTT home: 3 sets 2 per arm of a 1-arm DB hang power clean and jerk)

D. EMOTM until completion …
1. 3 Hang power clean and jerk @ 115/73; 95/63 (aTT home: 2/arm alt. 1-arm DB hang-power clean and jerk
+ max rep T2B or K2E in time remaining until you reach 45 reps (aTT home: 60 alt. single leg v-ups)
+ max rep box jumps (alt. step-ups as needed) remaining until you reach 60 reps

Based on class size, “partner up” so 1 person starts on box jumps while other person
begins on T2B. Switch movements once you reach the required
reps for the other movement (i.e. if beginning on T2B, go until
you reach 45 reps, then switch to box jumps but keep doing your 3 reps EMOTM.
Start the workout on the 0:00 with 3 HPC and J)