Recovery RouTTine

A. General Warm up:

400m Rowling game (pay the difference in
per leg mountain climbers)
3 sets:
– 5 weighted good mornings
– 5 plate squats
– 3/leg plate cossack squats
– :20 second per leg ankle stretch


B. 6 sets:
– 2 pause back-squats. Use the first 3 sets as a progression.
Keep the weight the same during the 4th, 5th, and 6th set.
Pause :02 sec in the bottom of the squat
– 5 seated behind the neck sotts press (perform
with an empty bar OR PVC with cookie plate)
– :60 sec rest

aTT home:
6 sets –
– 4/leg bulgarian split squat @ 2111
– 8 bent-over W flies @ 2111 with small weights or canned food
– :60 sec rest

C. 10 min AMRAP:
– 250m Row (200m Run; 500m bike; 1 min jump rope or jumping jacks/foot taps to DB or book)
– 7 barbell squats @ 135/93; 115/73. (aTT home: goblet squats or jumping air squats)
You choose the type of squat
to consistently get all 7 reps in a row with sound
mechanics. This could be a squat you’re working on
to be able to perform consistently with an elevated heart rate.
Choices: back-squat, front-squat, overhead-squat.
If needed, you may also change implement to DB or SB.

D. TABATA x1.5 (6 min) alt. movements:
– Bottom of the squat plate hold IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE
(aTT home: use a textbook, 5-10 lbs DB, or something similar)
– Rower pike-ups or tuck-ups
(aTT home: towel pike-ups or tuck-ups if no rower)