A. General Warm-up:
– 200m Run/Row/400m bike
– 20 total reps each of: high knees –> butt kicks –> skips in place
– 10 total reps each of: toy soldiers –> cossack squats –> iron cross stretch
– 5 reps each of: squat to stand –> squats with plate held out in front –> squats with plate reach towards forehead (aTT home: use book or small DB if no plate)


D.I.Y. Front Rack Mobility Assessment (Record whats limiting and how it feels [i.e. feels tight, painful, blocked, etc.])

B1. 4×3 OHS or Front squat progression (Athlete’s choice)
:60-:90 sec rests between all sets. Rest longer as you
get heavier. Try to achieve the same load as you did
week prior. Should feel like you could squat 5 reps on
your 4th set if asked to.

B2. 3×3 at last weight achieved in B1.
:90 sec rest between all sets

aTT home:
7 sets:
6 cyclist squat + 2 broad jumps OR drop jumps
:60-:90 sec rest btw sets

C. Warm up #2 (time permitting):
3x 100m Run/Row/200m bike at increasing intensity
:30 sec rest btw bouts.

D. Guess Who ?!! #8 (Hint: its not Tyler Barnes)
– 5x 500m Row w/ 1 min rest btw sets.
– 5x 1k bike w/ 1 min rest btw sets.
– 5x 400m Run w/ 1 min rest btw sets

*Goal is consistency between intervals (only 1-3 sec difference)