A. General Warm up:
30 jumping jacks
30 butt kicks
30 high knees
20 total mountain climbers
20 air squats
10 inchworms
10 per arm shoulder taps
5 overhead pass thrus
5/direction around the bodies

B1. 3×3 pausing push-jerk progression from the rack. Pause :02 sec
in the receiving position (knees bent/elbows straight)
:60-:90 sec btw sets.

B2. 3×3 push-jerk at last weight achieved for
push-jerk. :90 sec btw sets.

aTT home:

5 sets:
5/arm half-kneeling 1-arm DB/KB strict press
:30 sec rest
3/arm KB/DB split snatch (don’t need to alternate arms. Focus on coordination and balance)
:60 sec rest

C. 16 min AMRAP steady:
– 6 total 1-arm KB hang squat clean
(no alternating arms) @ 20/12kg; 16/8kg
– 12 unweighted lunges
– 40m 1-arm front rack KB carry (switch arms 1/2 way. 80 marches in place or over a hurdle)
– 12x 2-count flutter kicks with KB held over chest using 1-arm
– 6x 1 box walk-up + strict HSPU (scale to walk-out +
push-up OR dual DB floor press + DB sit-up to overhead)

*Use same KB/DB throughout entire workout