A. General Warm up:

2 rounds –
200m Run
30 total skips in place
10 total toy soldiers
10 total spider-man crawls
5 inchworms
5 barbell strict press
5 weighted good mornings
5 backsquats


B. Teams of 2**:
Complete the following for time at a steady rhythm

45-30-15 of …
– Push press @ 135/93; 95/63 (aTT home: 1-arm DB push press or dual DB push press)
– Box jumps/step overs (aTT home: step-ups or step-up/step-overs depending on available equipment)

into …
15-30-45 of …
– Backsquats from the floor @ 135/93; 95/63 (aTT home: goblet squat, backpack squat, etc)
– Pull-ups (ring rows or inverted row) (aTT home: bent over row, towel row, bent over row)

into …
– 2k row. Every 250m, perform 6 synchronized push-ups
(clapping push-ups if feeling spicy) with your partner. Your choice
as to when you want to switch rowers.
1 mile run. Every 200m, perform 6 synchronized push-ups
with your partner. Your choice when you want to switch runners.

**For the push-press, box jumps, backsquats, and pull-ups,
you may perform no more than 10 reps at a time before
switching partners. Communicate accordingly.


Perform as 20-15-10 then 10-15-20 then 1k Row OR 800m Run. Perform Row as 4x250m intervals with 6 push-ups after each 250m. If you choose the run, perform as 4x200m intervals with 6 push-ups after each 200m.