A. General Warm up:

7 min circuit –
10 total mountain climbers
10 kang squats with plate on your back
5/leg toe touch cossack squats
10 bent over rows


B. Front-squat:
3×5 (:60-:90 sec rests)
2×3 (:90-2 min rests)
3×1 (2 min or more rest)

Build to a heavy single. Record this. We will
use it for the future. (18 min CAP)

aTT home:
5 sets –
10 cyclist squats
:60 sec rest

C1. TABATA x1.5 (6 min) alt. movements:
1. Pull-ups (ring rows) (aTT home: Rows – bent over row or renegade row; towel row; barbell inverted row)
2. Wall Balls @ 20/14; 16/12 (aTT home:

C2. 3 min rest

C3. TABATA x1.5 (6 min) alt. movements –
1. 1-arm Alt. DB snatch @ 50/35; 35/25
2. Weighted (DB: hold it wherever you wish) alt. box step-ups

*Goal is consistency in how many
reps you get per  interval per movement
(i.e. if you start the 1st interval with 8 pull-ups,
try to end with 8 pull-ups). Keep in mind that
to do this, you may need to breakup reps within the :20
sec interval