A. General Warm up:

10 OH pass thru
5/direction around the body
5 cobra push-ups to down dog
6 min circuit (2-3 rounds):
– 100m Run
– 5 weighted good mornings
– 5 push-up to down dog (push-up on knees as needed)
– 5/leg single leg cross body DL


B. EMOTM 8 min:
1. 4 RDLs @ 3111. Same load across all sets (about 45-50% of perceived 1RM DL or 3-4 reps in reserve)
2. 6/arm pike HS shoulder taps from a box

aTT home:

EMOTM 8 min:
1. 4/leg single leg DB/KB RDL @ 2111
2. 6/arm pike HS shoulder taps from a box

C. Every 3 min on the 3 min for 18 min*:
– 4 Deadlift @ 225/155; 185/123
– 6 HSPU (wall, box, push-press) (aTT home: 8 burpee DB DL in place of the DL & HSPU)
– 10 russian KBS @
ch: 32/24kg; Rx: 24/16kg; Fx: 20/12kg
– 200m Run (250m Row/500m bike)
– rest in time remaining

*In this EMOM, we’re expecting to see you
perform the reps of the 1st 3 movements
unbroken. It should feel comfortable to begin.

This does not mean
you rush the movements
to get more rest. We’d rather see you
take your time, own your positions/
movements, and command your pace.
Further, we’re not worried about
your speed here. We’re looking at
how well you can maintain mechanics
despite the accumulated volume.