A. General Warm up:

3 rounds –
– :30 sec of plate or DB taps
– 20 total shoulder taps in plank
– 10 total reverse plank marches


B. 13 min AMRAP @ a paced effort:
– 25 hollow rocks. Shoulders must touch floor on the way back, but
heels stay elevated off ground the entire time (scale to armadillo rocks)
– 75 DU (1:1 singles) (aTT home: lateral hops over line)
– :45 sec dual plate hold in wall-sit @ 25/15; 15/10 (aTT home: 1-arm DB hold. Use 1-arm for entire :45 sec then switch arms next round. OR zercher hold in wall sit)

**If able to be outside (weather permitting), perform a 60m Dual plate pinch grip carry.

C. 10 min “AMQUAP” (as much quality as possible):
– :20 sec per leg single leg bridge hold on a box.
Hold plate/DB over chest to brace against. Low back should STAY on the floor.
– 4/arm DB floor press + 1/2 turkish sit-up
– :20 sec per arm side plank
– 16 total L-sit hurdles over object (i.e. DB, foam roller, vertically oriented plate)