A. General Warm up:

2 min Row/bike (aTT home: jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks for 2 min)
3 sets:
4 burpees
4/leg mtn. climbers
4/leg side-ways box step-ups (aTT home: cossack squats)
2x :10 sec EZ row/bike, :10 sec mod row/bike, :10 sec hard row/bike, :30 sec rest
(aTT home: :10 sec slow jog, :10 sec mod. run, :10 sec hard run, :30 sec rest)


B. 4x 4 min AMRAP w/ 2 min rest btw AMRAPs picking up where you left off*:
– 15/12 cal. Row (12/10 cal. bike)
– 12 total alt. back rack reverse lunges @ 95/63; 75/55

(aTT home: goblet lunges or lunges with a bag or other weighted
– 9 tall box jumps @ 30/24″; 24/20″ (aTT home: box jump to a stable and safe height depending on equipment access)

*Work at a repeatable pace. Choose lunge loads and box height that will allow for multiple reps in a row without getting to muscular failure. This may be unweighted lunges and jumps to a stack of plates.

C. TABATA (:20 sec ON/:10 sec OFF x8 rounds) alt. movements:
1. barbell floor press @ 75/55 (aTT home: dumbbell floor press)
2. band assisted strict chin-ups (aTT home: bent over row. Switch arms every interval you row as needed)