A. General Warm up:

2x thru the following –

10 walkouts + choice stretch (runners lunge, down dog, t-spine twist, etc)
30 total skips in place
10/arm 1-arm dumbbell swings to eye level –> 2nd round: 5 per arm 1-arm hang DB snatch
30 total arm circles (15 per direction)
10 total toy soldiers


B. Guess Who?!!

4 RFT: (32 min CAP)

– 400m Run
– 10/arm 1-arm DB push press
– 50 ab-mat sit-ups
– 10/arm 1-arm alt. DB snatch
– Max time in HS hold (Only Round 1 and 4*)
– 1 min rest

*Only perform the HS hold as the last movement in the 1st
and 4th round. Try to get the same time in round 1 and 4.

DB load: ch- 50/35; rx- 35/25; fx- 25/15