A. General Warm up:

2 rounds –
– :20 sec EZ row/bike + :20 sec moderate row/bike
– 8 RDLs
– 4 strict hi pulls
– 4 plate counter balance squats + 4 drop squats (dropping quickly into the bottom of a squat)
– 1 world’s greatest stretch per leg


B. 5 sets (12-15 min of work):
– 2-pos squat clean (hi hang + hang)
– 3 rower pike-ups (Or 2 box walk ups) + 3 sec lower
into the bottom of a handstand
– :60 sec rest.
Keep loads light to moderate (i.e. begin 1st set with empty bar).
Focus is consistent positions and mechanics.

C. Every :90 sec on the :90 sec for 18 min:
THIS: 7 hang squat clean @ ch: 135/93; Rx: 115/73; fx: 95/63
(May also perform slam ball squat clean)
+ 7 HSPU (scale to box or push-press variation that allows you to complete

all 7 reps in a row without question)

aTT home: perform 12 total alternating DB squat clean thrusters

THAT: Max cal. Row/Bike in :90 sec


*for this workout, pick a sustainably
hard pace on the row/bike.
Getting the most amount of calories in :90 sec
means being consistent in pacing from 0:00-0:90
vs. a high pace for :30 sec then a slow pace for :60
sec because your energy is gone