A. General Warm up:
10 PVC OH pass thru + 5 per direction around the bodies
10 total lunge with overhead reach
2 rounds –
10 dumbbell swing to eye level
5/arm small plate muscle snatch from the waist
10 bent over straight arm flies (small weights/canned food)



B. 4x 3-position power snatch (top-down).
:60-:90 sec rest btw sets.
Focus on a quick turnover and consistent positions.
Only build as form allows. Pick 1-2 things to focus on.

aTT home:
4x 3-position 1-arm DB split snatch (top-down).
Perform this 4 sets per arm.
:60-:90 sec rest after you perform each set with each arm.

C. 3RFT @ a conversational pace:
– 8 strict C2B chin-ups (aTT home: feet-elevated ring/bar row; 8/arm DB renegade row)
– 8 power snatch @ 95/63; 75/55 (aTT home: 10 total 1-arm alt. DB snatch)
– 8 total OH reverse lunges @ same load as power snatch (aTT home: 10 total 1-arm OH alt. reverse lunge)
– 400m Run/500m Row/1k bike