A. General Warm up:
10 squat to stand
5/side iron cross stretch
5/leg cossack squats
10 total skater jumps
20 total mountain climbers
20 plank see saw rocks
10 bodyweight 1 and 1/4 cyclist squats


B. 4×3 1 and 1/4 front squats @ 65/70/75/75% of heavy
single F.S. from last week. 2 min rest between sets.

aTT home:

4 sets –
5x 1 and 1/4 cyclist squats
5/leg single leg RDLs
2 min rest

C1. … min AMRAP @ a tough pace:
– 19 Wall Balls @ 20/14; 16/12 (do not
perform at a heavier wall ball today than what’s prescribed)
– 19 cal. Row/200m Run/15 cal. bike

C2. … Rest

C3. … min AMRAP of C1 @ a tough pace.


****aTT home: you have the following options –

Option 1: Email heno@crossfittt.com to get the times of the AMRAPs. This may or may not be the same
time domain as the in-person class.

Option 2: Tune into the youtube live or zoom live version of class. You will not find out the length of the AMRAPs or the rest in between the workout until the coach in the live class says stop. The youtube live version is archived so you can follow along at any time of the day you’d like.

Option 3: Create your own time domains (but seriously, option 1 or 2 😉 ).