General Warm up:

2 rounds –
50 DB toe taps
5 squat to stand
10 weighted good mornings
5/side standing windmill stretch
5/leg lunge with a twist


A. 3 RFT: (break up reps however you need to)
– 10 deadlifts each partner
– 15 synchro burpees
– 200m Object Run each partner
– 5 power cleans each partner*
– 30 synchro Airsquats

– 200m Object Run each partner

*ascend the load in the power clean each round. You pick
load change. Keep the same load for the deadlift.
Approach as the following:
1st round – moderate – unbroken
2nd round – heavy: 2-3 reps at a time.
3rd round – quite heavy: single reps

Load should get heavy and slow you down so you rest. Resting
is an OKAY thing to do.

aTT home:

3 RFT:
20 burpee DB DL
200m object run
20 1-arm DB thrusters
200m object run

B. TABATA empty barbell cash out:
1. empty bar bicep curls
2. empty bar skull crushers