General Warm up:

TABATA x1.5:

1. Bear crawl steps

2. No-push-up burpee

3. Small plate Weighted arm circles To eye level (slow and controlled)


10 PVC OH pass thru
5 per direction PVC Around the bodies

snatch skill movements

A. EMOTM 12 min:
Min 0-4: 2 snatch pull
Min 5-8: 2 hi hang power snatch
Min 9-12: 2 power snatch
Build as form allows
(Okay to build more in snatch pull then
decrease in hi hang power snatch).
No TnG!
Goal is consistent mechanics and positions.

B1. 30 hand release burpees for time.
B2. 2 min rest and re-group
B3. 12 min AMRAP climbing the ladder
3-6-9-12-15 etc… of
– T2B-Pull-ups
– Power snatch @ 95/63; 75:53