It’s with mixed emotions that we bid CrossFit TT community member Sienna Fontaine a temporary farewell. Thrilled as we are that she’s fulfilling her dreams…we’re also saddened by the prospect of not seeing her on a daily basis.

Tuesday, Sienna left for Basic Training in Texas. Yes – you read that right. Basic Training, as in the Army. We know what you’re thinking; “Sienna? in the ARMY?!? Are we talking about the same person?!?” If you’re shocked, we can relate. When we first learned about Sienna’s goals, we shared these reactions. After further reflection, our surprise was replaced by curiosity as to how we’d hadn’t anticipated Sienna’s path earlier.

Those who only know Sienna within the context of her role at Healthy Living Market, or as a remarkably talented artist might have a difficult time associating her with a career-path that – at least initially – involves battle fatigues, M4 Rifles, Grueling Obstacle Courses, and zealous Drill Sergeants. To better understand this perspective, imagine you’re playing a Word-Association game where you’re trying to find words that best characterize Sienna’s general disposition or outlook on life. Because the product of said game would undoubtedly include words like altruistic, charitable, humanitarian, benevolent, and philanthropic, it’s logical to assume her to be a social worker, educator, or perhaps a physician of sorts. Although logical, such assumptions don’t begin to give Sienna the credit she deserves. Having gotten to know Sienna within the context of our community, we see her not only as a philanthropist, but also as a person of tremendous fortitude, tenacity, spirit,  or, as characterized by novelist Charles Portis, “as having True Grit”. Sienna’s bravery is most evident right before a hard workout.  Where others become nervous or apprehensive in the face of adversity, Sienna is always cool, calm, collected, objective, and focused. Regardless of how high her heart-rate is, how heavy the weight is, or how many reps she’s looking at, Sienna never slows down, becomes rattled…or gets too tired to offer support and encouragement to teammates and peers in need. Given such perspective, her dream of becoming a specialist who can help returning vets cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder seems obvious…and a perfect fit.

Congratulations, Sienna. Much as we’ll miss you, we’re comforted by the fact that you seem to have truly found your calling. We’re humbled to have you as a part of our community, proud of everything you’ve accomplished as an athlete, artist, and human being…and honored to call you a friend. Don’t be a stranger…and kick-ass and take names.


Good Luck, Sienna. We're so incredibly proud of you.
Good Luck, Sienna. We’re so incredibly proud of you.