Many of you noticed that we formally unveiled our new Programming Tracks  today. While we’re pleased with how things went/are going, we did receive some feedback that it might be best if we reviewed the different tracks, and how one should go about selecting the track they’ll be following. For everyone’s convenience, I’ve included a link to the website post RE: Programming Tracks here; for those of you who’re adverse to reading, here’s the Reader’s Digest Version:

  • Do you have fewer than 30 W.O.D.s under your belt? If so, stick to the FUNCTION Program Track, scaling when necessary.
  • Have more than 30 W.O.D.’s under your belt? Interested in improving your overall performance? Seen a lot of progress through our programming, and want to continue following it to get to the next level? Stick to the PERFORMANCE Program Track, scaling with necessary. On occasion, we will also include Rx+ options for the PERFORMANCE Program Track; athletes following it may be able to scale up, or down, depending on the day / their liabilities / assets.
  • Are you interested in CrossFit Competition? Have you spoken with Tyler and Meghan about your desire to focus on CrossFit Competition(s), and gotten the green light to begin following the RTG program track? Great! Follow the RTG programming track.

We recognize that change isn’t easy, that some of you will have questions about these changes, and that there’s bound to be some confusion as we migrate to this system. to help ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible, we kindly ask for your cooperation and patience over the next few days. Specifically, we’d like to ask everyone to be:

  1. Organized.  Many of you have noticed that we’re doing a much better job sticking to the class timeline as of late. These changes – specifically the questions that may arise because of them – may temporarily interrupt this progress. To help us keep on-track, please anticipate your needs/the needs of others around you as class is starting.  Will you need tape? To stack plates, etc.? The earlier we can get things like this done, the better off we’ll be.
  2. Proactive. Folks have been doing a much better job checking the website in advance of class, and are coming to the table with great questions. Keep this up – it’s been a HUGE factor in our success thus far!
  3. Patient. We will make some mistakes on occasion. Any consideration and/or flexibility you can afford us as we iron out these kinks will be most appreciated by your Coaches and fellow COmmunity Members.
  4. Open-Minded. The new program tracks will present new challenges. Many of these challenges will be foreign to you; even those that are familiar may make you apprehensive. While we’re not asking you to do anything that’s unsafe, our outside your comfort zone, we do want you constantly re-evaluating things you previously took as absolute. EXAMPLE: Prior to last Friday, we’d be willing to bet that many of you never thought that you’d be able to put up the numbers you did during the CrossFit Total…yet  you did. This process be the rule – not the exception. You may not always have a spectacular success each attempt, but at least you’ll be making progress.

We’d like to leave you with an anecdote that better illustrates this last point better than we ever could. The next time a change has you nervous, apprehensive, or unsure of how to proceed, consider the words of Coach Norman Dale. just because things feel different, doesn’t mean that they are, or that you can’t handle them.

Keep up the great work, and keep the feedback coming!