Why is CrossFit TT different from other Gyms? Affiliates?

It’s because we’re a CrossFit Affiliate that:

  • We’re different from the local Sports and Fitness…Centers. They provide rooms and equipment. We provide the roadmap, motivation, education and personal instruction needed to ensure you get to where you want to be, and then some;

It’s because we believe:

  • that CrossFit can enhance your athletic passions;
  • that CrossFit can compliment (and not replace) your training program;
  • that sport specific skills need to be practiced to be mastered;
  • that passion is no substitute for experience

that we’re different from other affiliates.

We’re as passionate about the idea that no two affiliates are alike as we are about the idea that affiliates provides a better training environment than traditional gyms. What’s unique about CrossFit TT? Like other affiliates, CrossFit TT believes in the CrossFit methodology, and proudly provides the community with opportunities for individuals interested in the sport to learn, train, get-fit, grow, and compete. Unlike other affiliates, this isn’t where we stop – it’s where we start. Learn More About: