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A registered CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit TT acknowledges the CrossFit Methodology, and supports it’s prescribed concept of “constantly varied, functional movements practiced at high intensity” in a small, structured group workouts or classes. Like all other affiliates, we regularly incorporate many of the fun, intense, challenging “Benchmark” workouts notoriously prescribed by CrossFit (eg. “Cindy”, “Grace”, “Fran”, “Angie”, “Kelly”, etc.) into our programming. Also like many other affiliates, we design and structure our workouts so that they feel ‘random’. The variation keeps people guessing, and – generally speaking – is part of what makes CrossFit so alluring. In reality, our programming is very carefully structured as to ensure that clients are receiving the proper mix of training they need in each discipline, when they need it. Such structure helps ensure that our clients are ready for the challenges they’ll face in upcoming Benchmark workouts, their sport of choice, during the upcoming season, or in life in general.

Coach Sarah Bowling of CrossFit Delray Beach makes such an approach even easier to understand by likening it to schoolwork. “Think of it like a school environment: You study materials and practice techniques (“training”) weeks before you actually write your exams (“Benchmark Tests”). Could you imagine if you had to write a mid-term exam EVERY DAY? Your anxiety and stress level would consistently be through the roof, which (in-turn) would result in sub-maximal efforts and results.” We couldn’t agree more.

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