Last year, I hesitantly signed up for the Main Event Series at Crossfit TT. I didn’t realize until much later, but those 5 Saturdays changed my perspective on so many levels. The team aspect was such a critical part of my personal feeling of success and excitement. It made it fun and friendly. I felt that we really worked together to come up with strategies, worked hard to win the supplemental weekly challenges and had so much fun doing the treasure hunt together. We even did some pretty cool team photos! My teammates cheered my on like I was part of their family, they helped me achieve things that I had previously thought impossible. I still feel such a strong connection to my teammates and loved getting to know people that come in at different times of the day. I learned what a great community we have at TT and felt so proud to be a part of the magic happening here.

When I walked in that first Saturday morning, my familiar gym was transformed into a competition space. The air was thick with energy, excitement, & the spectators were pumped up. The environment did nothing to stifle my own excitement. I stood in my designated box feeling a jumble of mixed emotions, but when the air horn blared there was nothing but me and my goal. With so many people cheering us all on, rooting for team members and friends, I left it all on the gym floor. When I completed my first workout, I was elated. I did more than I expected, had fun with friends, and felt that I had done the impossible for me. Going forward, I had more confidence in myself, my abilities, my strength, and was able to do so much more than I ever thought possible. The next 4 weeks flew by and I knew that I would participate again this year.

Can’t wait!

-Julie L