We’ve just received the start list for this weekend’s Backyard Games event in Barre. Competitors – please take a look. You’ll want to note the following:

  • Your start times;
  • The start times of other CrossFit TT community members;
  • The fact that there’s a mandatory 8:00 briefing for all athletes. If you think you’re in danger of missing the meeting, let us know – we can help coordinate to ensure that you’re not missing anything.

Spectators – you also may want to review this information, as it’ll give you a specific idea as to exactly when your family members, loved ones, or friends will be starting. You’ll also want to note the information about parking. If you plan to bring a ton of gear, be sure to arrive early. Also, please look below to see what we’ll have set up for everyone in attendance.


Shortly, we’ll be issuing all competitors a document that can be used to help individuals illustrate their strategy for each workout, along with their overall goals for the Event (UPDATE: File is now available HERE). We request that all of our competitors fill these sheets out, for a few reasons:

  • Planning. Writing down what you’re planning to do makes it very real. We’d like for everyone to go through this exercise, as it will force you to think critically about what you want to do, what you’ll be able to do, and how you’ll measure success.
  • Coaching. If we understand what your specific plans are, we’ll be able to advise you on the merits of your plan, and will work to keep you on-task during each workout.

By no means are you required to fill these out. If doing so sucks the fun out of the event, then don’t sweat it. If – on the other hand – you’re having some anxiety or nerves, this might be a useful exercise. Not only will it reduce your anxiety, but also it will help us (your coaches) do just that when it’s game time.


CrossFit TT will be assembling a series of pop-up tents to ensure that our athletes and spectators have a cool, shaded place to relax and assemble between WOD’s / events. We’re also investigating the possibility of providing some refreshments; we’ll post more on that subject as things develop. In the interim, we’ve assembled the following checklists for athletes and spectators alike:

Spectator Checklist:

  • Water;
  • Chair;
  • Snacks;
  • Raincoat;
  • Sunscreen;
  • Camera.

Athlete Checklists should include the following:

  • WOD gear (Oly shoes and WOD shoes, shorts, tees, wrist wraps – anything you might use as a matter of course during a WOD). We’d recommend you bring at least 1 change of WOD clothes, as you may get uncomfortable wearing the same gear throughout the day. Also, we’d LOVE to see you all compete in CrossFit TT gear…so if you have apparel, please represent!!!
  • Warm clothes
  • between WOD clothes (warm-ups, etc.);
  • WOD Fuel (pre-wod bars, meals, shakes, etc.; post wod recovery fuel, etc.), and a mixing bottle;
  • 1 – 2 gallons of H20. Here’s a link to a list of sundries we recommend you purchase at Healthy Living Market;
  • Gatorade, Accelerade, or other electrolyte replenishment drink;
  • Foam Roller / Lacrosse Balls (if you have them);
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses;
  • Tiger Balm (NOT BENGAY, or Icy Hot).