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Programming Update

Programming Update: You may have noticed that starting on April 30th there is a shift in programming and how the week is laid out in terms of day to day workouts. Traditionally we have front loaded a lot of the volume of the weeks training on Monday. This is the day that we usually squat […]

Meso-Cycle Update 4/5/17

On  to the next cycle…. You may have noticed a change in program direction after the Open and Main Event. The Open has served as an assessment for where we stand as individuals and as a community in terms of our strengths and weaknesses. This new cycle is about laying the foundation to keep our […]

WOD 1 in the books- Now What should I do?

Wow- 17.1 in the books. Now what? One question you may be asking is how to train during the 5 weeks of Open. There is a delicate balance between training through a long competition period and overtraining or undertraining. There are going to be many individual differences here but the general concept remains the same. […]

Part 2, of Nutrition Series

(Part 2, of 3) “Recently we shared some insights on why You Are NOT What You Eat, the first of a three part nutrition series. In this post, we discussed some major reasons why the roots of a healthy gut stem way beyond the types of foods you are eating. In order to create and […]

Programming Insights

First of all I would like to welcome every one back from their holidays. If you didn’t get the memo, the first week of workouts made it clear that vacation is over. It was also a good blueprint of how the workouts will be planned for the next 5 weeks of this meso-cycle. Here are […]

You Are NOT What You Eat

(Part 1 of 3.)      As the holidays approach, many people tend to over indulge. I’m sure most of us have been responsible with our eating habits leading up to now but plan to let loose a bit for the holidays. The problem is for those who do Crossfit, the Open is right around […]