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Notes on FLOW…and Good Luck, CRUSH Competitors!

It’s natural (and sometimes, even helpful) to get nervous or anxious prior to a big athletic event. Yet if left unchecked, nervous energy can quickly turn into panic, which can introduce dozens of thoughts that prevent one from focusing on the task at hand. Finding a balance between the two is part skill, part art. And just like any training program, there’s no one universal solution – different techniques work differently for different people. In advance of tomorrow’s competition, here’s one that I’ve found resonates with a lot of athletes who’ve put in their share of hard work.

We’re OPEN: Details on CrossFit TT’s Schedule for the 2014 CrossFit Open

You’ve all heard us talking at length about the CrossFit Open. In case you’re still unaware of /unclear about what the Open is, we’ve posted a brief overview to our blog that you can read here; in addition, we’d like to make everyone aware of some changes that CrossFit has made to the rules for the open this year, and inform you all about some fun events we’ll be planning during the Open to keep things exciting. This changes will affect you regardless of whether you participate in the Open or not, so please take a look!

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