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W.O.D. – 12/23/13: “Bryant Chase”

Complete AMRAP in 22 Minutes:

12 Power Snatches 115/75 (Function – Scale with Hang Clean)

23 Back Squats 115/75

12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups


Post Rounds.

One of CrossFit TT’s earliest community members, Bryant passed tragically last year at this time. In Bryant’s honor, CrossFit Threshold Training and Champlain Valley CrossFit have interrupted their programming in order to perform “Bryant” – a new benchmark W.O.D. programmed in Bryant’s honor by Jade Jenny and Dani Horan.

Please join CrossFit TT, Champlain Valley CrossFit, and the greater South Burlington Community in remembering Bryant and supporting the Chase family by offering your thoughts and prayers.

FUNCTION W.O.D. – 12/19/13: (Kid to Santa): “I wished for a purple elephant, but now I want a PINK elephant…”

(Santa to kid): “Well, wish in one hand, s-poop-t in the other; see which one fills up first.”


A1. EMOTM, 8 Min:

– :20 Wrist-through-ring pull-up hold. Think of grip hold as a false grip, w/o thumb. Scale w/ ring-row position.

B1. EMOTM, 20 Min:

– THIS Minute: 6 weighted step-ups (25/15)

– THAT minute: :20 Handstand hold. Descend last 6 seconds of the hold.

C1. 3:00 Rest

D1. Accumulate :60 of piroulette holds. (scale w/ ring holds).

FUNCTION W.O.D. – 12/11/13: “Get me Standards and Practices in here. I want to see wreaths!”

A1. 10 Strict Press @ 60% of 1RM. By the 10th rep, it should feel pretty heavy.

A2. 5 Strict Press @ 75% of 1 RM. By the 5th rep, it should be slow going up.

A3. 3 x 3 Strict Press @ 85% of 1 RM. Don’t be afraid of the weight getting heavy.


B1. EMOTM, 32 Minutes:

– THIS Minute A: 3 Clean and Jerk (95/63)

– THAT Minute A: 10 K-2-E

– THIS Minute B: 10 Double-Unders

– THAT Minute B: 6 Ring-Dips (scale with bands).

FUNCTION W.O.D. – 12/10/13: “It’s Just Like Santa’s Workshop…(scaled)”

“…only it smells like mushrooms, and everyone looks like they want to hurt me”

Class divides up into 2 different groups; each group takes turns doing A1 and B1.

A1. EMOTM, 10 Min:

  • This Minute: Max-Rep :30 Anchored Ab-Mat SU
  • That Minute: 10 of Ian’s Magic Shoulder-Fixing Scap Raises with head facing one side, then 10 with head facing the other way.

B1. 2nd Annual Winter Throwdown WOD #4 (10 min. time cap).

PART I: All athletes start on the rower. At the :90 mark, all athletes must stop rowing, and perform 10 Front Squats (75/53). Once complete, athletes must return to the rower…but every :90, all athletes must stop to perform 10 Front Squats (75/53) until they’ve accumulated 1000m (males) or 850m (females). TO BE CLEAR – Athletes have :90 to perform 10 Front Squats, AND to accumulate   athletes must accumulate as many meters on a rower as possible in the time remaining. Once Males have reached 1000m/Females 850m, they are released from the obligation of performing front squats, and are allowed to proceed on to part II; should an athlete fail to complete 10 Front Squats in :90, their workout is over.

PART II: Without resting, athletes must pick up the bar they were front-squatting with, and complete 25 shoulder-to-overhead movements.

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