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Introducing the Turkish Get-Up

During tomorrow’s WOD, we will be introducing a new movement for all Program Tracks – the Turkish Get-Up. It’s a technical exercise, but one that’s INCREDIBLY effective at developing both the shoulder and rotational strength and mobility you’ll need to experience huge gains with your overhead movements. WE’ve included some demo videos for you to […]

Working the Clean

Although we’re not huge fans of this movement as an exercise in and of itself, and it’s unlikely you’ll ever encounter it as an element in one of our WODs, we find that the Med Ball Clean is an effective way of getting people to understand the difference between a bar properly cleaned, versus a bar that’s been reverse-curled (up and away from the body … think T-Rex arms), or a bar that’s been pulled “too early” (you’ve bent your arms and started pulling the bar up before you’ve come to full extension).

Heads Up:

Tomorrow, 9/7 we will be testing the CF Benchmark “Nancy.”  You all have been training for this workout, whether you know it or not.  Do your homework and come prepared to crush it tomorrow!  Here are some helpful tips when preforming the OHS and there is a great video of Rob Orlando banging out the […]

Tips for the Overhead Squat

If you’re feeling challenged by the Overhead Squat (one of the element’s in today’s WOD), you’re not alone. The OHS requires an insane amount of focus on balance. Don’t be afraid to use only the bar – there’s no sense adding weight if you can’t do the lift with full range of motion, getting below […]

Get Ready for Rope Climbs

Look what Santa Claus brought, a few months early! More toys we can use to torture ourselves with! If you watched the 2010 Crossfit Games, you’ll understand the importance of knowing how to climb a rope, using both your arms and your legs. One of the last elements in the final WOD was a 20 […]