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Everything you always wanted to know about starting at CrossFit TT…but were afraid to ask. This section of the blog is dedicated to helping new members orient themselves within our community, and to give folks a sees as to what they should expect as they begin their fitness journey with us.

What to Expect During On-Ramp (Post #3 of 3): CrossFit TT On-Ramp Review: 3 Rules to Follow When Performing Loaded Movements

The video below reviews the lessons taught during the first day of CrossFit TT’s On-Ramp Program. To make downloads more manageable, we’ve omitted sound, and set the advance between slides to 7 seconds. If you need more time, just pause the movie at each slide. Oh wait !!! We almost forgot!!! To watch this video, […]

Your First Month of CrossFit – (Post #1 of 6): What to Expect From Us; What’s Expected of You

One of the most important things athletes can do when they start a training program like ours is to set realistic training expectations for themselves. The sooner your expectations align with the goals of your program, the sooner you’ll start becoming proactive with your training decisions, the more quickly you’ll maximize your time while training, and the more quickly you’ll be […]

Your First Month of CrossFit (Post #2 of 6): Maintaining a Healthy Perspective

One of the biggest challenges new community members experience when first begin their training journey with CrossFit Threshold Training involves managing expectations. Because the TT training program empowers so many to work harder towards their fitness goals than ever before, new members often start to develop unrealistic expectations of what they can expect from their […]

Programming Overview – What the Heck is a Mesocycle?

Many of you have been thrilled with the results of our Programming, and have mentioned that you’d really like to learn a little bit more about our approach to program design. In response to these requests, we’ve prepared a presentation that provides some insight into one of the key principles we use when designing our programming – the principle of periodization.