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Program Track Changes / Updates

We began providing multiple program tracks nearly two years ago. Our rationale was simple: multiple program tracks better enable you – our clients, community members, and friends – to better achieve your own specific personal fitness and/or performance goals while still benefitting from the community atmosphere afforded by each our Group Training classes. In February […]

Thoughts and Details Behind Programming – April/May, 2015

We’ve received some requests from some community members for some additional insights into the what’s and why’s of our programming. Specifically, folks have asked for some additional details RE: the focus of each day of programming, as so they can plan their schedule accordingly. We’ve provided both the approximate programming template for this mesocycle below, along […]

Are we Competitors? Yes. Are we a Competition-Focused Gym? No. Here’s Why:

If there’s one thing that you’re taught when you’re working towards a Marketing Concentration in an accredited MBA program, it’s that strategic business decisions should be driven by data-substantiated consumer insights. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a business owner, it’s that many of the data-mining techniques commonly taught in B-School are completely and […]