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Programming Overview – What the Heck is a Mesocycle?

Many of you have been thrilled with the results of our Programming, and have mentioned that you’d really like to learn a little bit more about our approach to program design. In response to these requests, we’ve prepared a presentation that provides some insight into one of the key principles we use when designing our programming – the principle of periodization.


Get Ready for Rope Climbs

Look what Santa Claus brought, a few months early! More toys we can use to torture ourselves with! If you watched the 2010 Crossfit Games, you’ll understand the importance of knowing how to climb a rope, using both your arms and your legs. One of the last elements in the final WOD was a 20 […]

Cleaning up the Confusion

If you’re a little confused by the all the different “cleans” we’ve been doing, you’re taking a step in the right direction: you’ve noticed that there are, in fact, differences! There are 2 main differences: 1) where you start with the bar, and 2) where you land with the bar. Everything else is the same. […]