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All athletes can expect a de-load/transition week this week as we move into the next mesocycle of training. The next mesocycle will begin on Tuesday of next week; more details on the specific objectives of the cycle will be posted late 8/26 or early 8/27. Also, please note that we’ll be doing a Benchmark WOD on Friday of this week (8/29), and that we’ll be having a special schedule (and workout) on Labor Day. Hint: It rhymes with “Murph”.

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RTG W.O.D. – 10/15/13

AM: – 3 x 2 (1 Power Clean + 2 Clean, Unbroken) @ 70%, 3 Min Rest Btw. Sets – 3 x 6 Clean High Pull @ 70%, 3 Min Rest Btw. Sets. – 3-3-3-2-2-2 Snatch Balance Drop (from behind the head) Progression, to be done as follows: 65% (3); 75% (2) PM: 7K Row […]