Confused on How to “Sign-In’? On What ‘Mindbody’ is?

Don’t Be. Here’s What’s Going on.

WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT THAT I SIGN-IN? We hold ourselves to high-standards at Threshold Training. Each group class has the feel of a Team workout, while providing the individualized instruction you’d typically only find in a Personal Training session. To ensure that each and every class creates this experience, we cap the number of participants who can attend any particular class, and strive to maintain an 8:1 Client-to-Coach ratio in each class. The only way we can consistently adhere to these standards is by making sure that clients pre-register for classes in advance. Accordingly, Threshold Training requires all participants to pre-register for classes in advance, no exceptions.

HOW DO I SIGN-IN…AND WHAT’S MINDBODY? Threshold Training uses a Scheduling and Point-of-Sale Software called Mindbody. Moving forward, you’ll use Mindbody to both sign into classes, and to make purchases at Threshold Training. Threshold Training has their own Mindbody web-page; to use it, you’ll need the login ID and password you were provided when you registered for On-Ramp. Didn’t receive one? Email us, and we’ll be happy to get you set-up. With your login and password handy, you can access our Mindbody site one of two ways:

1.) Through the CrossFit TT webpage. On desktop devices, just head over to, hover over the Schedule drop-down at the top, and then click on Sign in Now. On Mobile devices, do the same thing, only you’ll note the Sign-In Now at the top of the screen on your mobile device.

2.) VIA the Mindbody App. The Mindbody app can be used to register for classes. It doesn’t, however, show our full-menu of pricing and membership options. WE HIGHLY recommend that everyone install Mindbody app on their Mobile Device, and use it to register for classes. It make life MUCH easier. The link to the app can be found here:






WHEN DO CLASSES ‘CLOSE’ FOR REGISTRATION? Again, Threshold Training requires all participants to register for classes in advance, no exceptions. That said, because we know how quickly schedules can change, we do our best to afford everyone as much flexibility as possible when registering for classes. Members may either register for a class or cancel their registration for a class up to one-hour prior to the start of that class. Once within that window, sign ins will not be permitted, and sign-outs not allowed (you’ll lose that class on your membership). Walk-ins may be admitted at the discretion of the instructor, but will still be required to sign-in prior to being able to participate in class.