Threshold Training Migration Program

CrossFit TT Migration Program is geared toward pre-teens and teens.  This program focuses on all 10 aspects of fitness: Cardio & Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, Accuracy, Flexibility, Coordination, and Balance to help teens prosper not only in their sport/activity of choice but also in their everyday lives. Each class will challenge the athletes physically as well as mentally through many movements.  Classes will meet for 1hour and follow a similar class structure to an adult group CrossFit Class. Click here to Register. (Please be sure to enter your child’s information as the athlete)

Session 2- September 20-October 18. (No Saturday class on September 23rd.) Classes meet Wednesday at 4pm & Saturday at 9:30

Skills & Movements

  • Gymnastics & Bodyweight Movements
  • Endurance activities
  • Introduction to Powerlifting & Olympic Lifting
  • Mobility & Dynamic Stretching

Program Atmosphere

The safety of our athletes is of the utmost importance and our goal is to support them in making gains across a broad range of physical fitness domains.  Equally as important as developing their physical capacity, we strive to create a positive and healthy space for athletes to spend time with their friends and build confidence in their abilities.  Threshold Training is a strong community filled with members and coaches who are passionate about fitness and role model a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to offer a space where local athletes can develop a sense of community with their peers, learn to leave egos at the door and feel empowered by their amazing capacity for growth!

What to bring:

Athletes should wear workout clothes, comfortable sneakers and bring a water bottle.

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